“The most important thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said.”
– Peter Drucker

Communication is one of the most important ingredients needed for a sweet marriage. When two people are together and they hope to build a relationship that will stand the test of time, it is crucial that they understand how to communicate and commit to doing so.

Marriage is 85% communication. Communication is to marriage what blood is to life. It is impossible to have any kind of relationship unless there is effective communication.

Good communication in any kind of relationship—whether dating, courtship, or marriage—doesn’t just happen, neither is it a walk in the park. You must put in the necessary work to create the openness and transparency in your relationship that effective communication requires.

To be serious about having a free flow of communication between you and your partner, you both have to agree to some of the things you’ll learn in the next couple of days. You must open up your communication lines today to save yourselves from tomorrow’s heartaches.

By the end of this course, we hope the dam of communication breaks between you and your partner. May there be a free flow of love, joy, and laughter between both of you.