“Sex is perfectly natural but it’s not always naturally perfect.”
– Janice Epp, PhD

Love, marriage, and sex work hand in hand. With the right understanding, you can make them work together for your good.

We must understand that sex is holy, spiritual, natural, desirable, healthy, and legal within the context of marriage. We must learn to acknowledge that we are all sexual beings and trying to deny our sexuality is to our own detriment. It is natural to be attracted to one another and desire sexual intimacy as courting couples, however, there are a few things you must understand before you can enjoy sex the way God originally intended.

Sex is indeed for pleasure but not outside marriage. Within marriage, sex increases your knowledge of one another; it causes you and your spouse to become one flesh. It contributes to the joy in marriage even though fulfillment and happiness in marriage is not based solely on it. Sex depicts love, trust, openness, honesty, and faithfulness. All these characteristics work together to help you enjoy amazing sex life and a great marriage.

Sex is good—it is not dirty. We must develop the right mindset about it in order to maximize the opportunities it affords us within the context of marriage.