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What is your wedding budget? Are you willing to spend a small fraction of it on the actual marriage?

Many people entered marriage with their hearts full of love but their heads quite empty of relevant information. From my experience counseling couples for over two decades, I’ve discovered that the root cause of many marital problems is the weak foundation upon which they were built. It’s my aim to help you write a different story, a beautiful story.

The objective of this course is to help intending couples build a solid foundation for a happy and lasting marriage. Through the daily lessons you will build up a war chest of wisdom and clarity for your marriage and through the psychometric tests, you will be equipped with relevant tools to engage in crucial conversations with your partner in a non-threatening way as you build a solid foundation for your marriage together one day at a time.

Completing this course will help you:

Learning Path

The duration of this course is 12hours on average and designed to run for 12 weeks. This means you can spend an average of 10mins per day to complete the course.

What Is Marriage?
Do you have a firm idea of the meaning, purpose and original definition of marriage?

Many marriages are suffering due to weak foundation. To work on your foundation after marriage comes with a lot of pain. Learn what to do now to prepare yourself for a marriage to enjoy and not to endure.

Communication is the life-wire of any relationship. Most of the conflicts in relationship is due to communication issues.

There is no one on earth like your partner. How well you understand them will determine whether you will damage them or enrich them. Good intention is not enough. Grounded understanding of their uniqueness is the answer.

Friendship is the bedrock of a happy marriage. Romance may be instance. Friendship requires skill and intentionality.

Conflicts are inevitable. They can become stepping stones to strengthen your relationship or stumbling blocks that will destroy it.

Life is not static. Your understanding of seasons and the appropriate response will determine the longevity or otherwise of your marriage.

No company can succeed without a clear organizational structure. Rid your home of political struggles and embrace the balanced divine design for a harmonious family.

Money management has been found to be the cause of many divorces. You must harmonize your preferences, personalities and beliefs and embrace best practices to ensure that money is a blessing and not a curse for your marriage.

It is interesting how many couples assume that things will flow naturally in this department. Nothing great happens on it’s own including romance and sex.

Every great nation has a robust immigration system. How you manage the influence of third parties is very crucial to the peace and tranquility of your marriage.

King Solomon said, “A three-fold chord is not easily broken”. Learn how to work with the original creator of marriage to create a marriage of your dream.

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